VM60 power amplifier


VM60 is a fully balanced high fidelity mono-block vacuum tube power amplifier. It employs a patented Dual Balanced Feedback Topology (DBFT).

The DBFT is formed by three vacuum tubes in two stages. The first stage contains two 12AX7 and the second stage contains one ECC88/6922. The output stage contains 4 x KT88 and a balanced output transformer. The feedback signals are taken in pairs so that balance can be accurately maintained.
The first feedback pair is taken from the outputs of the second stage. Small amount of feedback is used so that the bandwidth, distortion and output impedance of the first two stages combined are improved. This small amount of feedback also sets the signal gain of the combined first two stages. A second feedback pair is taken from the transformer outputs. Again, small amount of feedback is used to further improve the bandwidth, distortion and output impedance of the overall amplifier. The sonic result is an improved sound quality with three-dimensional images in a natural acoustic landscape.



Dual Balanced Feedback Topology (DBFT)

2 x 12AX7, 1 x ECC88/6922, 4 x KT88

over 60W for 8 ohm or 4 ohm load

0.1% @ 10W, 1kHz, 8 ohm load
1% @ 60W, 1kHz, 8 ohm load


20Hz to 20kHz

> 85dB (balanced input)
1.0V (for balanced input)

> 30k ohm (RCA – singled-end input)
> 60k ohm (XLR – balanced input)


120 x 325 x 395mm (H x W x L)

20.5 kg /45 Pounds


"...I am pleasantly surprised to see the JE combination comes as close as I've yet heard to extracting huge amounts of music and timbral detail...It is not only gripping to hear the wonderful range of Mahlerian orchestral colours, but it exudes a confidence and solidity that illuminate the music brilliantly...I am not sure I can think of a solid state team that can produce this quality at this price point." Rafael Todes of HiFi World.


"The balance struck by the VM60s was about perfect with these speakers and the rest of my system -- the sound was among the best I’ve ever heard in my listening room....  I can strongly recommend the VM60 to those who desire a bit of tube magic, and whose speakers will mate well with them. What I heard from the VM60s was extraordinarily good sound for the price."  Doug Schneider of SoundStage. (Click here to read the full review.)


"The JE Audio VM60s are that rarest of beasts, a genuinely unique proposition in a world of me-too products . . .  I can’t think of any other amps at or near this price point that combine the VM60s’ specific blend of virtues to such impressive musical effect." Roy Gregory of The Audio Beat. (Click here to read the full review.)

"JE Audio VM60 is a superlative amplifier that has given me many hours of listening pleasure. It is a prime example of technology in the service of music, offering a luscious blend of vintage and modern tube sound. At its asking price it represents a remarkable high-end value and is undoubtedly one of the most musical 60 Watt tube amplifiers on the market at any price point. For the love of music be sure to audition it. Highly recommended!" Dick Olsherof Enjoythemusic. (Click here to read the full review.)


"... the monos presented an obvious but ultimately preferable trade-off. While magnification power stepped down a notch, timbre heft went up. This increased what I call incarnation factor. That's the difference between more ghostlike electrostaticity and greater dynamic in-room presence."  Srajan Ebaen of 6moons. (Click here fto review the full review.)